Perfect Dissertation Ideas That Will Land You the Best Grade

Choosing a topic for essays is difficult. Dissertation topic ideas can be wide and unspecific. Sometimes you might not even know where to start or what dissertation topic to choose. This is common among students. But do not worry, we have some tips in order to start your essay.

Ideas for Dissertation

How can you choose a topic? Sometimes it can be difficult. Having to take this decision takes a lot of thinking sometimes. Some tips might be helpful to help you choose. Here you have some:

  • First, think about what interests you. What is it that you are passionate about? This is an excellent time to learn more about it.
  • Brainstorm! There are times in which you might not be sure about the specific topic, but you might have some ideas. One thing to do is write on a piece of paper all the thoughts that come to your mind.
  • Ideas for dissertation topics have to be in touch with the world around you. Stay in contact with the news. The world changes very fast nowadays. And your essays might change too. There is always news coming each day that might catch your attention.
  • Use this opportunity to expand your knowledge. Maybe you might want to dive deeper into topics you don’t know much about. Or you have always wanted to learn about something but never had the time. This is an excellent opportunity for you.
  • Make a dissertation topic list. In this list, you can include your passions, the latest news, conference topics… Find a link between them, and you might get good dissertation topics.
  • Research about all the ideas you have. Sometimes you might lose interest in the dissertation topic and decide to leave it. To avoid this, research beforehand about a lot of topics. This might help you be sure about the dissertation.
  • Ask for advice from your supervisor. Whether it’s a tutor, a teacher, a professor, it is important to know their opinion on the topic. If they don’t like it, then you will have to choose another dissertation topic.
  • Attend conferences! There could be someone interesting coming to your town, or an event you have always wanted to attend.
  • Look at trends. What are your colleagues talking about? What are they writing? Look at how you can be original and distinguish yourself from others.
  • Read previous dissertations if you have the opportunity. See what others have written about. What they ask for and how they develop the topic.
  • Ask about interesting dissertation topics to people with higher education than you (maybe a Ph.D. or a professor). Their career must be involved in the topic you want to write about.
  • Be objective and research your essay. Make sure that the topic is legit and you have access to reliable information on it. Use technical words when referring to data. All of this will make your essay look professional.
  • Think about choosing a topic that can help your community—something with a local impact in your city or region.
  • Writing a dissertation abstract can help. Once you have chosen the topic, write about what the essay will be about. You must include objectives, methodology, and a summary of the project.
  • Write beforehand an introduction for dissertation. Write also a conclusion for dissertation. This way, you can visualize what will be included in the essay. If you set the objectives, this might help.

Now, it’s easy to understand if you still have not decided on an interesting dissertation topic after these tips. Because of this, we have a list that might help you. There are many examples grouped in different subjects.

Business Dissertation Topics

  • Innovative software in business
  • Innovative business models for startups
  • Importance of social networks in finding a job
  • How to start your business
  • Most profitable business in the UK
  • Stock market trends
  • Effectiveness of marketing on a local scale
  • Women in business
  • Discrimination against women in business
  • Discrimination against minorities on business
  • POC (People of color) challenges in business
  • How to open your business to an international market
  • Freelancers
  • Outsourcing of activities


  • Business strategy
  • Leadership and its effectiveness
  • Project management
  • How to prepare for delays and setbacks in your business
  • Budgeting of a business
  • Transparency in the business of the UK
  • How to make a business transparent

Finance Ideas for Dissertation

  • Ways to overcome financial crisis
  • How the UK can adapt to new Brexit restrictions
  • E-Commerce
  • Credit management in your business
  • New electronic banks and their system

Human Resources Dissertation Ideas

  • How to create a safe environment in work
  • Bullying in the workplace
  • Sexual harassment and how to approach it
  • Hiring techniques and bias
  • Effective communication in a vertical hierarchy
  • Additional benefits or salary purposes


  • What is behind social movements and how to start one
  • The success of social movements in the UK
  • Sociology behind cults
  • Culture clash in the different races in the UK
  • Teenagers adult behaviour: Drugs and sexual behaviour
  • Effectiveness of education on reducing prison sentences

Psychology Ideas

  • Nonverbal communication
  • Effects of trauma in the brain
  • Sexual abuse and its effect on the brain (PTSD)
  • Long term effects of PTSD
  • Technology influence on hyperactivity
  • Dreams and their involvement in trauma
  • Innovations in psychological therapy
  • The rise of authoritarianism in the world

Education Topics

  • How dress codes affect a child’s performance
  • Innovative timetables in schools: Later start times
  • Use of technology in the classroom
  • How to fight bullying and discrimination among students
  • Scholarships and their impact on UK’s job market


  • Asset distribution in divorce
  • Child’s custody in divorce
  • Sexual abuse laws in the UK and their implementation
  • Will of the deceased and its distribution
  • Is the criminal justice system biased or effective in the UK?
  • Cyberlaw and innovative laws to stop hacking

Architecture Topics

  • Different styles of architecture throughout history
  • Predominant architecture styles in the UK
  • Minimalism and its rise in the last decades
  • Eco Brutalism and its implementation locally/in the UK
  • Innovative techniques and materials for cheaper housing


  • English literature and its impact on society
  • The portrayal of love in Romeo and Juliet
  • Racism in English literature
  • The republic of Plato
  • The influence of Greek classics on society

Nursing Topics for Dissertation

  • Healthcare of the elderly in the UK
  • How nurses can help in a pandemic
  • Nurses’ gender discrimination
  • Euthanasia and its morality
  • Euthanasia and its implementation in other countries
  • The role of nurses in patients’ treatment and recovery


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